Heroic Trio and The Executioners, 2 Hong Kong films to rediscover in 4K Ultra HD

Both DIY and hyper-inventive, this ethereal and dynamic diptych created by the author of Chinese Ghost Stories is absolutely worth the detour. That's good, it's back in 4K Ultra HD (and Blu-Ray, new restored masters) on June 20 at Carlotta.

In the early 90s, following the success of Tim Burton's two Batmans, Hong Kong producers decided to tap into the vein of superheroes.

Johnnie To and a future James Bond Girl

For strictly budgetary reasons (the male stars of the time were too expensive), three women were hired to play the vigilante heroines of these two films shot at the same time. Michelle Yeoh, future James Bond Girl, Anita Mui, solid actress from Hong Kong cinema (A Better Tomorrow 3), and the young Maggie Cheung whose outfit (garters and leather jacket) will be emulated. First competitors, these funny Asian ladies endowed with superpowers will unite to fight against the empire of Evil.

Release of these two nuggets signed Johnnie To on June 20 at Carlotta. In the meantime, Heroic Trio and The Executioners are already available for pre-order (click to access).