Samsung TV Oled and Neo QLED refund offer, up to €500 refunded

Since February 27 and until April 25, Samsung has been offering The Samsung Premium Collection cashback offer on its new 2023 QD Oled and Neo QLED TV range, the amount of which can reach 500 euros.

Since February 8 and until March 12, 2023, for any purchase of a television set referenced below (click on its reference to find out more about the product), the brand reimburses you:

• €100 for un Samsung TQ43QN90C ou un Samsung TQ50QN90C

• 200 € pour un Samsung TQ55QN8xC, Samsung TQ55QN90C, Samsung TQ55QN95C, Samsung TQ55QN700C ou un Samsung TQ55QN9xC

• 300 € pour un Samsung TQ65QN8xC, Samsung TQ75QN8xC, Samsung TQ65QN90C, Samsung TQ65QN95C, Samsung TQ65QN700C ou un Samsung TQ65QN9xC

• 500 € pour un Samsung TQ75QN90C, Samsung TQ75QN95C, Samsung TQ75QN700C, Samsung TQ65QN800C, Samsung TQ75QN800C, Samsung TQ65QN900C, Samsung TQ75QN900C, Samsung TQ85QN8xC, Samsung TQ85QN90C, Samsung TQ85QN95C, Samsung TQ95QN800C ou un Samsung TQ85QN900C

Details of the offer are available in participating stores and on the brand's website: