The Last of Us season 2, filming imminent

Filming for The Last of Us Season 2 may start sooner than expected.

The filming of season 2 of The Last of Us could begin before the end of 2023. This was clarified by comedian Pedro Pascal (Joel) when he was in full promotion of the season 3 of The Mandalorian.

Broadcast in 2025?

The filming of the first season of The Last of Us had started in July 2021 and lasted almost an entire year, until June 2022. Six months later, in mid-January, the series was released on Prime Video. If the comedian's statement is accurate, that means the second season of The Last of Us won't air until Q2 2025, which is two years after the first season.

A longer season 2?

As a reminder, the two showrunners of the series indicated that they would not go beyond what the second opus of the video game tells us, and would not cover the jump in time, as in the games. five years between the two stories.

On the other hand, the second game being twice as long as the first, it's a safe bet that the second season of The Last of Us will be divided into two parts, and that in total, it will contain more episodes than the first season. Source: Collider