Apple AirTag, the friend of thieves?

The Apple AirTag tracker would make the work of thieves easier, according to its competitor Tile.

Before Apple's AirTag, there was Life360's Tile, and according to its Chris Hulls, its competitors are a public danger since they can be detected by others. They therefore allow thieves to spot them in order to get rid of them. The competitors in question are not named but it is clear that the AirTag is in the line of fire, knowing that -context- Apple is currently under investigation by the United States Department of Justice for anti-competitive practices on the tracker sector.

Track or no track?

Unlike the AirTag, Tile does not notify smartphones when an unidentified tracker is detected nearby. "These proactive notifications can tell thieves that a tracker is on the stolen item, allowing them to remove it to limit the possibility of being found," says Hulls.

These notifications are basically used to prevent stalking, or follow a person by sticking a tracker on them without their knowledge. But apparently, this measure would be insufficient to protect the victims.