Awesome Tetris trailer that already bends the game (Boy)

Completely insane. The Tetris film is unveiled in a trailer that does not lack scale and that makes you really want.

There are unmistakable signs. The Tetris trailer is so generous that immediately, with the help of the first notes of the track The Final Countdown by Europe, an incredible kind of nostalgic vapor emanates from it that makes you want to (re)play a game from the world famous Game Boy game.

Success story announced

From the first seconds, from the first dialogue, Taron Egerton (Kingsman, Rocketman) bends the game. He is demented and we feel that the film is going to be a success story of which Hollywood has the secret. The actor plays Henk Rogers, a German game entrepreneur who discovers Tetris in 1988 and risks everything when he travels to the USSR, where he joins forces with Alexey Pajitnov to bring the game to the world. Inspired by a true story, Tetris is an explosive Cold War thriller, with traitors, unlikely heroes and a hellish race against time. Henk will eventually "secure" ownership of the game rights.

Jon S. Baird is directing the film produced by Leonard Blavatnik and Matthew Vaughn. Toby Jones, Roger Allam, Anthony Boyle, Togo Igawa, Ken Yamamura, Ben Miles and Matthew Marsh complete the cast of the film, which will be released on Apple+ on March 31.