The designer of the iPhone in the service of King Charles III

Jonathan Ive alias Jony Ive, a key designer previously at Apple, now works for the British royal family, among others.

Iconic devices -iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch- or even the iOS7 software redesign in 2013, industrial designer Jony Ive has been a key pillar of Apple since 1997. He then left the company in 2019 to form his own design box -LoveFrom- and work for multiple clients.

Flower Power

These clients include the Royal Family of England, for whom he recently designed the very ornate emblem (Charles' great passion) which will be omnipresent for the coronation of King Charles III next May. “The emblem reflects the happy optimism of spring and celebrates the start of this new Carolean era for the UK,” says Ive. The soft modesty of these natural forms unite to define an emblem that recognizes both the joyful and profound significance of this occasion”.

A knight in the service of His Majesty

This is not the first time that Ive has worked for our royal friends across the Channel, as he has already designed the Terra Carta seal in partnership with the Prince of Wales in 2021. And to "top off" the all, Ive was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012.