Soon a camera in the Apple Watch? (bis)

Apple could give its connected watch a facelift in the near future, by integrating a camera and a removable case.

If Meta is preparing its first connected watch with the particularity of being able to separate it from the bracelet, in addition to being equipped with a camera, Apple is apparently not left out.

Apple Watch equipped with a camera converted into a mini-camera

Indeed, we may find these characteristics in a future Apple Watch, if we are to believe a patent recently granted to Apple, in addition to a similar patent validated last year. The document explains how a camera can be integrated and used on an Apple Watch, so as to capture images even when the watch is on the wrist. The patent also describes a mechanism to separate the watch from its strap and thus use it as a mini-camera.

This latest patent was filed in 2019, showing that Apple has been in the game for a while. Source: Patently Apple