Greek Salad on Prime Video, the serial sequel to The Spanish Inn (Trailer)

It's the Klapisch way of life. Twenty years after The Spanish Inn, the story continues in series with the children of Wendy (Kelly Reilly) and Xavier (Romain Duris), who in turn experience the eventful life in a community. Greek Salad premieres April 14 on Prime Video.

Broadcast at the opening of the Serie Mania Festival (from March 17 to 24), the first series entirely directed by Cédric Klapisch is this time mainly led by Aliocha Schneider and Megan Northam, the children of Wendy and Xavier. The recklessness of yesteryear seems to have given way to taking into account the social and economic realities of an updated world, which has changed considerably in twenty years. Tom longs for a startup life, while Mia secretly campaigns for refugee rights. When they inherit an apartment in Athens when their grandfather dies, things get a little complicated…

Also with Kelly Reilly

A trailer shot through with Klapish's energy and ever-moving paw. Eight episodes where we find with particular pleasure Kelly Reilly who currently excels - and the word is weak - in another successful series, Yellowstone. Watch April 14 on Prime Video.