The house: an authentic plunge into a Berlin brothel

Forbidden to children under 16, the drama La maison, directed by Ana Girardot and Aure Atika, will be released on DVD on March 22 under the ESC Éditions flag.

Emma (Ana Girardot), a young novelist, goes to live in Berlin. To write her new book, a kind of gonzo-report, Emma gets hired in a brothel. This dive into the world of prostitution was initially supposed to last only a few weeks. It will continue for two years.

An authentic experience

The film La maison is adapted from the eponymous book published in 2019 where the author Emma Becker recounts her authentic experience of voluntary prostitution in Berlin. The book published by Flammarion was a finalist for the Prix Renaudot.

It is the director, producer and screenwriter Anissa Bonnefont (Nadia, Wonderboy) who puts in image this story banned in theaters for children under 16 years old. Anna Girardot (Totems, An Ideal Man, What Binds Us) plays the heroine, flanked in the cast by Aure Atika, Rossy de Palma, Yannick Renier, Philippe Rebbot and porn actress Nikita Bellucci.

A raw movie

La maison, a raw and provocative film, unfortunately did not find its audience. Released in mid-November 2022, the feature was seen by just under 30,000 viewers in theaters.

Pre-orders for La maison are already available, although we don't yet know the content of the film's add-ons. We can regret that ESC Éditions only opted for a DVD publication, as the elegant photo by Yann Maritaud could have benefited from all the advantages of Blu-Ray.