Fifth iPhone 16 “Ultra” even more expensive?

In 2024, the traditional back-to-school iPhone quartet could be joined by a fifth very high-end model to become a quintet.

For some time now, Apple's internal hesitations have been whispered about the name of the iPhone Pro Max, which could in the future be called iPhone Ultra…

BOM Pro, Max and Ultra

But it seems that the iPhone Ultra is in fact a model in its own right and that it is added to the usual quartet of the Cupertino company to differentiate itself from the Pro models and offer a new option, even more expensive, to users, starting in 2024 for the iPhone 16. It should be noted that the iPhone Pro range would thus be upgraded more or less based on the nomenclature of Apple Silicon processors (Pro, Max, Ultra).

The word to Tim Cook

This is reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in his latest newsletter, supporting these indiscretions with statements by Tim Cook -Apple CEO- during the company's latest quarterly report. When asked about the viability of the strategy of an annual increase in iPhone prices, Cook “answers”: “I think people are willing to really spend to get the best, and to add the iPhone has become an integral part of everyday life”.

In other words, as long as there is someone to pay, Apple will not hesitate to sell more. And this iPhone Ultra could be an answer to those who always want more new features, and for whom money is not an issue.