Impressive 4K box set for Warner's 100th anniversary on September 18

Warner Bros will publish an anniversary box set on September 18 with 30 key works from its history in dezoned 4K Ultra HD version.

Warner Bros will celebrate its 100th anniversary on September 18 with the release of an exceptional box set featuring 30 of its flagship films in 4K version. The box set, whose US pre-orders are open, will offer some new films in 4K such as Rio Bravo by Howard Hawks or East of Eden by Elia Kazan.

The biggest 4K box set ever released

In this box set, the films will be grouped according to three periods: Classic Hollywood (1930-1960), New Hollywood (1970 to the end of the 80s) and Modern Blockbusters (1990 to today).

The box set will be sold with a 32-page booklet, a good number of goodies and an announced fifty hours of bonuses. Here is the list of films planned in 4K in the box set (whose French equivalent has not yet been announced):

• 2001 a space odyssey

• Casablanca• Citizen Kane• Luke la cold hand• East of Eden• The Maltese Falcon

• The Fury of Life

• Rio Bravo

• Singing in the Rain

• The Wizard of Oz ( 1939) • Clockwork Orange

• Batman (1989)

• Beetlejuice • Blade Runner • Operation Dragon • The Exorcist • The Goonies • Superman (1978) • Shining

• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( 1971) • A Star is Born (2018) • Argo

• Elvis (2022)

• Les Affranchis

• It

• Mad Max Fury Road • Matrix • Les evadés

• Training Day • Ruthless