Reality TV: The Stallone family is the new Kardashian?

It's official, the show which will feature the entire Stallone family will be launched in the spring in the USA and "soon" in France on Paramount+.

The reality show will feature Sylvester Stallone, his wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone and their three daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet. Composed of 8 episodes, the documentary series will return to what the actor considers to be the greatest role of his life: that of father. It will thus feature Stallone's three daughters, his wife and himself in the heart of the home of one of Hollywood's most famous families.

Official Synopsis Accuracy

« Sylvester Stallone. For the whole world, he is the boss, the myth and the legend, but for his daughters, he is simply Dad. While starring in blockbuster movies, at home he was most concerned with the future and upbringing of three independent, ambitious women.

Jennifer Flavin Stallone: born and raised in Los Angeles, Jennifer is a savvy businesswoman and co-owner of wellness brand Serious Skin Care.

Sophia Stallone: The eldest of the three Stallone sisters has no desire to follow in her father's footsteps as an actress. Although Sophia currently hosts a podcast, Unwaxed, alongside her sister Sistine, she continues to follow her path in life, giving free rein to her passions.

Sistine Stallone: Actress and model, Sistine is embarking on a new adventure as a director and is currently working on the development of her first feature film.

Scarlet Stallone: The youngest of the Stallone sisters, and the last to leave the nest, Scarlet moves into her own college apartment. Since childhood, she always wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become an actress. She now stars alongside Sly in her new Tulsa King series, also available exclusively on Paramount+.”

In short, Stallone succumbs to the docu-reality fashion featuring him and his family on a daily basis. A curiosity to discover from spring on our premises. And as a bonus treat below, the Super Bowl spot of the Stallone Family climbing "The Mountain of Fun" in an obvious nod to the Cliffhanger and Rocky movies.