Smartwatch Meta canceled, then resurrected? (new pictures)

The connected watch project at Meta seems to be under consideration again, after having been supposedly cancelled.

Since the beginning of 2021 there have been rumors of a possible competitor for Apple's Apple Watch in development at Meta. A connected watch like no other since it would have the particularity of being able to be removed from the bracelet to serve as an extra camera. And then the latest hallway noise put an end to expectations, claiming that the project had been cancelled.

A case to follow

But actually no! If prolific leaker Za Racke on Twitter is to be believed, the watch is back in the development shop. Here are even the first images below. The work would however have been started from scratch, even if the latest version seemed to share the particularities of the first model, in particular the removable aspect. The leaker however specifies that nothing yet filters on the release date of the device, which could even be simply -still- canceled.