YouTube, children's favorite

When it comes to watching videos, the majority of children under twelve turn to the essential YouTube.

Giraffe Insights recently conducted a study of 2,000 families in the United States, made up of children between the ages of 2 and 12 and their parents. It shows that YouTube is the most popular viewing platform: 9 out of 10 children say they consume content on the video service.

Video content, children favor YouTube

In detail, 84% of children say that YouTube is their main way to watch videos, and 40% of children spend up to two hours a day on the platform. The majority of parents watch content with their children, half of them daily.

TikTok takes on YouTube

In terms of commercial efficiency, TikTok stands out, with 50% of children having purchased or asking their parents for a product seen via an advertisement on TikTok. In this regard, this platform seems to follow the same trajectory as YouTube, the effectiveness of advertisements on YouTube being considered superior to those of traditional TV. Thus, half of the children questioned remember having seen an advertisement on YouTube, and affirm that the "best advertisements" are on YouTube.