The amazing alligator 4K, Carlotta bares her fangs

The incredible alligator by Lewis Teague is about to crunch everything in 4K via a limited edition signed Carotta, accompanied by its sequel Alligator 2: the mutation of Jon Hess only on Blu-Ray. Pure horror.

Newly restored in 4K for the first and 2K for the second, the films released respectively in 1980 and 1991 are announced at Carlotta in Steelbook 4K + Blu-Ray box set (or all Blu-Ray) from March 7th.

These animals are not funny

Three years before with Cujo and his Saint-Bernard transformed into a formidable predator, according to a novel by Stephen King, Lewis Teague had already signed a nugget of series B with The incredible alligator written by John Sayles, previously at the origin of Piranhas success. In the film, little Marisa returns from her vacation in Florida with a baby alligator that her father ends up flushing down the toilet. Twelve years later, the animal has grown well, feeding on dead animals that have been used for scientific tests. He will soon sow terror among the population…

A cycle of critters embodying the absolute Evil typical of the Eighties, and even a little beyond with the sequel Alligator 2: The Mutation by Jon Hess released in 1991. This time, an alligator hidden in the sewers for years feeds on chemicals spilled from the lab. As several people disappear under mysterious circumstances, Inspector Hodges is in charge of the investigation.

Presented in VO/VF DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 for the first with HDR Dolby Vision for the image (a good surprise) and VO/VF DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 for the second, both films will be enhanced the following bonuses:

Bonus The Incredible Alligator 4K

- A wild beast in the city (25 minutes): interview with director Lewis Teague- The author of The Incredible Alligator (17 minutes): interview with the screenwriter John Sayles- The Guts of the Alligator, the Great River and Bob (22 minutes): interview with production assistant, now acclaimed actor-director-producer, Bryan Cranston

- The Luck of the Alligator ( 12 minutes): interview with the head of special makeup effects, Robert Short

- The incredible alligator TV version (98 minutes, 4K exclusive): the film as it was broadcast on American television with additional scenes or censored

- Additional scenes (10 minutes): additional or censored scenes from the isolated TV version- Trailers: 4 spots and TV ad

Bonus Alligator 2: The Blu-Ray Mutation- Echo Park Lake Lagoon (16 minutes): interview with director Jon Hess- Blood Brothers (6 minutes): interview with second unit director, Eugene Hess- Editing with bite (5 minutes): interview with editor Marshall Harvey- In troubled waters (7 minutes): interview with special effects coordinator John Eggett- Trailer