272'' LG Magnit Ultra HD 8K Micro LED TV presented at ISE

After the launch of the LG Magnit 163'' Micro LED TVs in 2020 (see our news LG Magnit 163'' Micro LED screen, indicative price update) and LG Magnit 136'' in 2022 (see our TV news LG Micro LED 136'' LG Magnit 4K at $300,000, or around $2,200 per inch…), the Korean manufacturer is exhibiting at the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) show in Barcelona dedicated to audiovisual and integration professionals the LG Magnit 8K 272'' (691 cm) screen.

Pending the consumer launch of Samsung CX Micro LED TVs (see our CES 23 news > Samsung Micro LED CX TV 50'', 63'', 76'', 89'', 101'', 114'' and 140'' in approach), LG continues the presentation of its Micro LED screens.

LG Magnit 272'', 8K Micro LED display at ISE 2023

At the SE (Integrated Systems Europe) show in Barcelona which opened its doors yesterday, until February 3, the Korean manufacturer LG presents its latest addition to the Micro LED family, an Ultra HD 8K screen with a diagonal 272'' (nearly 7 m, 691 cm more exactly). So, of course, its destiny is exclusively professional, but its presence on the brand's stand confirms the screen industry's interest in this technology. It now remains to verify that the production cost of such diffusers drops with the number in order to hope one day to enjoy them in our living rooms...