The Last of Us available in 5.1, thank you Amazon

5.1 yes but 4K no? Hello ? Someone there ?

With its launch with a bang and its interplanetary success which must warm the hearts of its creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, the first episode of The Last of Us series nevertheless fell short on two points, essential for us: its stereo track quite ridiculous and its absence of Ultra HD 4K HDR to make the most of the photo and graphic work done on the series, in accordance with the original game codes. broadcast of the second episode.

Just a little more effort

Indeed, good surprise this Monday, episode 2 of The Last of Us (click for our review of the full season), named Infected, was broadcast in 5.1. A good proof of responsiveness on the part of Prime Video which, if we dared, could outright shoot us the 4K image which is fine, as the urban-junglo-apocalyptic atmospheres of the series deserve it. Hoping someone is still listening somewhere out there... Thank you very much.