Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, a new 4K Ultra HD could arrive in France

Prequel filmed in 1992 after the broadcast of the Twin Peaks series, Fire Walk With Me fills a void left by the thirtieth and final episode of David Lynch's cult series, which then concluded with a taste of unfinished but unparalleled fervor. A double return to the roots of Evil since the film could, we hope, if all goes well, make its appearance in 4K UHD with a new master later this year in France.

When it arrived in France on April 15, 1991 on La 5, Lynch's series was already a phenomenon across the Atlantic. Even before its release in France, Twin Peaks was an object of fascination driven by the atypical personality of its creator and the memorable musical score by Angelo Badalamenti.

David Lynch and Mark Frost then exploded the traditional soap opera formats of the time on TV and whetted the insatiable appetite of film fans. This was followed by the film Fire Walk With Me in 1992 and, much later in 1997, Twin Peaks: the Return.

Crazy Movie Monster Challenge

It's the 1992 film that could reappear through a new 4K Ultra HD master (which we hope will be labeled HDR Dolby Vision like Lost Highway, also announced by Potemkin in 4K on April 18). If nothing has yet been officially confirmed, the publisher is certainly currently working on this monster project. We wish him to take up the challenge with flying colors. Of course, we're listening.