Boston Dynamics, another attraction/repulsion video

Boston Dynamics robots gradually acquire new skills that make you dream and at the same time downright scary.

You have been shown videos since the beginnings of Boston Dynamics that are as impressive as they are disturbing, as the control of robots could one day invade many areas, starting with our private lives (see High-flying choreography for Boston Dynamics robots or After the boy bands, the robot Boston Dynamics band).

Atlas and the platform game

The latest, published yesterday by the Boston company, once again shows the enormous potential of in-house robots, but also their unprecedented capabilities in assisting with more or less heavy work.

The video below is actually quite crazy, and if you look closely, you will find small clues showing the real-time analysis of the Atlas robot, and the degree of millimetric precision of the gestures performed. A big step closer to “we can't escape it” (literally and figuratively).