The palazzo of The White Lotus season 2 for rent on Airbnb

If, like us, you loved season 2 of The White Lotus, know that the sublime romantic-baroque palazzo of the series is available for rent on the Airbnb platform. A destination idea for this summer?

It is impossible to forget the sublime Italian settings of The White Lotus season 2 (OCS), including the palazzo where two of the main characters take refuge for a bubble of relaxation out of time.

La dolce vita for real

It is actually the Tasca villa located in Palermo. Surrounded by 10 hectares of garden, it has four extraordinary suites, a living room, a dining room, a billiard room, a bar and a multitude of rooms where one can easily imagine getting lost, all adorned with carved wood, marble tiles, gorgeous floor-to-ceiling frescoes and antique ceramics.

And as in the series, a team will take care of you to fully experience Palermo-style luxury. Reservation on the Airbnb website. We let you set the dates (€5,500/night in June for example for one person), and send us an invitation. No, no, don't thank us… it's us.