Apple Watch Micro LED and AirPods Lite next year?

Overview of the devices that could be released by Apple next year, i.e. in 2024 after the iPhone 15 wave.

According to Jeff Pu, analyst for Hong Kong-based investment firm Haitong International Securities, Apple will release two new iterations of its flagship products next year: an Apple Watch with Micro LED display, and discounted AirPods.

New Apple Watch Ultra in 2024

The Apple Watch would presumably be a new Ultra high-end model, with a larger Micro LED screen, 2.1'' (5.33 cm). By comparison, the current Apple Watch Ultra (released last September) has a 1.92'' (4.87 cm) OLED display like all other Apple smartwatches.

New Apple AirPods Lite in 2024

As for the AirPods, they are baptized AirPods Lite by Pu and will have a more affordable price than the existing models, in order to compete with the wireless earphones of other competitors. As a reminder, the cheapest AirPods currently are the second generation models at 159 euros. Source: macrumors