Apple Mixed Reality Headset: New Details!

A plethora of technical details have recently transpired about the virtual/augmented reality headset Apple is slated to release this year.

The Information site recently got its hands on a whole slew of seemingly authentic details about Apple's mixed reality headset - virtual reality (VR) + augmented reality (AR) - still not officially announced and expected to arrive on the market in the second half of 2023.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset, Main Specifications

We thus learn that the device will be sold around 3,000 dollars, a price range already mentioned in previous rumors, and that it will be equipped with a Digital Crown style dial on the right side, used to switch from mode RV to RA and vice versa. Unlike the Apple Watch version, this face will not offer haptic feedback. The power supply will be provided by a battery box attached to the wrist, with a Magsafe-style magnetic cable connected to the helmet. The autonomy will show two hours, and the battery can be exchanged. Several options will be available on the headband, including with or without headphones. The user will also be able to use their AirPods Pro 2, although apparently compatibility with other brands of wireless headphones will be compromised. The device should use Apple's H2 chip to limit low latency with AirPods, and no jack connector is provided.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset, corrective lenses accepted

In terms of materials, the helmet is made of aluminium, glass and carbon fiber to reduce weight. The cameras are almost invisible for aesthetic reasons. The lenses are interchangeable with a magnetic attachment system, in particular to put glasses adapted to the sight of the user. In this regard, the helmet automatically adjusts the field of vision (up to 120°) to adapt to the interpupillary distance of the user. Also note that the headset will be able to run iOS applications (iPhone) in a “2D” mode.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset, announcement no later than June WDC

Finally, according to the latest indiscretions collected by the Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the device will be announced at the latest during the annual WWDC Apple event in June, or at best during a conference dedicated to spring.