CES 23 > Home Connectivity Alliance: HCA Interface Specification 1.0

With Samsung and LG in its ranks, connected home experience standardization organization HCA takes a big step.

On the occasion of the CES show in Las Vegas 2023, the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA), competitor of the CSA (Connectivity Standards alliance which supports the Matter standard), announces an important step in its action, the 1.0 specifications for the C2C (Cloud to Cloud) interoperability for connected homes.

HCA Interface Specification 1.0, interoperability objective

As a reminder, the formation of the HCA was announced at CES 202. It now brings together 15 brands including AEG, American Standards, Arcelik, Electrolux, GE Appliances, Haier, LG (recently arrived), Resideo, Samsung Electronics , Trane and Vestel. The HCA aims to improve the connected home experience through open innovation and collaboration, and more concretely to create a safe, secure and interoperable connected home ecosystem by ensuring seamless compatibility between various branded devices and services. different.

Home Connectivity Alliance, objective to reduce energy consumption

With these specifications, the functions of connected home devices can operate with each other regardless of brand, and even on existing products. For example, consumers will be able to reduce their energy bill by identifying the devices that consume the most electricity and adjusting their use. The HCA is already working with stalwarts of the energy segment to deliver more power-efficient devices and solutions for the connected homes of the future.