CES 23 > Sharp XLED 120'' (305 cm) Mini LED TV unveiled

In addition to the three new Mini TV series Sharp XLED300, Sharp XLED1000 and Sharp XLED2000 (click to find out more), the manufacturer Sharp will unveil at the next CES show in Las Vegas 2023 the largest Mini LED TV in the world with a 120' model ' (305cm).

Let it be said, Sharp is in the process of reconquering the global TV market. After occupying the first places in the Top 5, the Japanese manufacturer experienced a difficult period in the mid-2010s, to be finally acquired in 2016 by the Taiwanese Foxconn.

Talk to Sharp

Since then, the group has undergone a vast restructuring and intends to return to the race with a completely renewed range, and through numerous innovations. Among these is the largest Mini LED TV in the world, from its new XLED range, which will be unveiled at the CES show in Las Vegas 2023 which opens tomorrow. “Sharp will introduce the flagship Aquos XLED TV model for the global market. Visitors will be able to experience a new generation of images with exceptional brightness and color expression created by Mini LED backlighting and quantum dot technology,” the company said.