Hisense L75U9GQ 4K UHD Mini LED QLED TV, specification update and indicative price

After its presentation at the Las Vegas 2021 virtual show (see our CES 21 news> Hisense 75U9GQ Ultra HD 4K Mini LED QLED TV, 2,000 nits and 1,280 zones), the Hisense 75U9QG Mini LED TV will therefore make its debut in France this September. The opportunity to update its indicative price, still lower compared to that announced last July (see our news TV Mini LED QLED UHD 4K Hisense 75U9GQ, update specifications and indicative price).

Little evolution in terms of specifications on the Hisense 75U9GQ compared to our July post, except for confirmation of the lack of 4K / 120 hertz compatibility. For the other HDMI 2.1 features, they are all present. The rest of the specifications are unchanged with, first and foremost, as its name suggests, QLED (Quantum Dots) technology.

Main specifications

We always notice the presence of a native 100 Hz IPS LCD panel (fluidity index 3,300 PCI for Picture Criteria Index) associated with a Full LED Local Dimming Mini LED backlighting system made up of 1,280 zones for a light peak of 2,000 nits. As for the number of diodes, we exceed 10,000 units. And a new motion compensation called Ultra Motion is also in the game, as well as a new coating of the LCD panel to eliminate reflections.

Main features

In terms of functionality, FilmMaker Mode is confirmed in addition to HDR10 + and Dolby Vision IQ function. Imax Ehanced certification is also required. Ditto for DTS: X and Dolby Atmos compatibilities. As such, the television is equipped with a 3.1.2 sound system in the form of an integrated sound bar delivering a total power of 90 watts. The Height channels and the two boomers are located at the rear of the LCD panel.

Smart TV and connectivity

Last precision, the Hisense U759QG TV incorporates the Vidaa 5.0 Smart TV function, which is faster and more ergonomic. The management of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants is ensured. And on the connectivity side, there are four HDMI 2.1 inputs (eARC, VRR, ALLM are on the program plus two USB ports. Last precision, the Bluetooth function is required and the central foot is made of metal.

Availability announced for September. Indicative price: 3,490 euros.