CES 23 > Displace TV, the first completely wireless 4K Ultra HD Oled TV!

Pretty crazy concept that will be presented at the next CES show in Las Vegas at the beginning of January, a 55'' (140 cm) battery-operated television, totally wireless.

At the beginning of January, at the CES show in Las Vegas 2023, the company Displace will present “the very first wireless television in the world”.

Displace TV, built-in battery for 1 month of autonomy

This Oled Ultra HD 4K 55'' screen works with one or more removable proprietary battery(ies), promising one month of battery life with daily use of six hours. Namely, it is possible to enjoy the TV while the battery is charging. The post prides itself on passing a featherweight of less than 10 kilos.

Displace TV, connectors and electronics available on a remote multimedia box

And the connections you ask? No details are revealed, but a priori they will be managed by an external box which for its part will be connected to the current, and which embeds an AMD processor and an nVidia GPU whose characteristics are not yet specified. Wi-Fi 6E compatible to communicate with the TV, it should also govern the display's Smart TV functionality.

Displace TV, wall mount announced revolutionary

Apparently, the innovations do not stop there since Displace also promises a new technology of fixing by “suction in active loop” allowing to hang the screen on any wall in two times three movements. On the navigation side, voice and touch controls are part of it, but also gesture and face recognition.

Displace TV, assembly of screens to form an 8K or 16K broadcaster

Finally, four of these televisions can be assembled side by side to form a 110'' (279 cm) screen with Ultra HD 8K resolution, or even sixteen TVs for a 16K screen with a diagonal of 220'' (559 cm) ). The absence of a screen frame, as the video published by the brand suggests, would facilitate these assemblies, and therefore modularity like the largest Micro LED diffusers from Samsung.