Over $440,000 for the very first Apple computer

The Apple 1, the very first computer from the creator of the iPhone, released in 1976, sold at auction for a rather tidy sum, $440,000.

Inflation or not, Apple's historic products continue to make collectors' heads spin, for example this Apple 1, the very first computer designed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976.

Apple 1 restored and appraised by Corey Cohen

At the beginning of December, we reported the auction of one of these devices, estimated at 375,000 dollars. The auction ended on December 15 and the computer finally went for a whopping $442,118! Sold by the auction house RR Auction, this first consumer computer was only produced in 200 copies at the time and there are only around 60 to 70 left today. What's more, it has been restored by expert Corey Cohen and can therefore be used as it was.