Audience record for France-Argentina

Sad disappointment for the Blues that this football World Cup final, of course, but the broadcast of the World Cup final nevertheless broke audience records.

Come on, let's dry your tears, it's only a postponement. Other competitions and world cups are to come…

France-Argentina, record audience on French television

In the meantime, some find reason to rejoice about the record audiences for this France-Argentina final: on average, 24.1 million people watched the match on national territory, with a peak of 29.4 million viewers during the penalty shootout and a market share of 81% for TF1. Quite simply the best audience of all time in the history of French television. And again, we must add to this score the 1.12 million viewers watching beIN Sport (validated by Médiamétrie) and the 3 million people who followed the match live on MyTF1, an audience that is not counted by Médiamétrie. Forget the boycott…

The French team holds all the records…

The previous record was held by the 2006 France-Portugal semi-final with an average of 22.2 million viewers. As for the 2018 final - France-Croatia - the average was 19.3 million fans for a peak of 22.3 million and a market share of 82%. Note that for this 2022 edition, this is the first time that Médiamétrie has counted the audience also outside the home, in particular bars, restaurants and hotels, as well as tablets and smartphones.