JBL sells 200 million headphones

A figure that is both symbolic and pleasing for JBL since the audio specialist has sold more than 200 million headphones worldwide.

In the second quarter of 2022, JBL's Headphones division surpassed Sony in volume, i.e. the number of headphones distributed, making JBL the number one audio brand by volume in the overall headphone market.

JBL headphones, a story started in 2016

A magnificent performance that contributes to another significant milestone for the brand: passing the bar of 200 million helmets sold worldwide since the birth of the first model in 2016 (see the infographic below retracing the history of JBL headphones).

Booming headphone market…

Among the factors that contributed to this result, the increase in HD and Hi-Res Audio music streaming of course, but also the boom in music consumption in video games and podcasts, work from home and development of teleconferencing, or sports and biometric uses.

Voices over to Dave Rogers, President of Harman's Lifestyle Division

"We are thrilled to reach the milestone of 200 million units sold as it confirms our ability to delight listeners with the best performing headphones on the market," said Dave Rogers, President of Harman's Lifestyle Division. JBL's engineering teams are constantly exploring new horizons of innovation, and we're very excited about what the future of audio holds. »