Avatar the way of the water, a start at 500 million dollars

The long-awaited sequel to Avatar, James Cameron's Avatar the Way of the Water, is expected to reach 500 million box office receipts in its first weekend of release.

According to Deadline magazine, the worldwide box office this weekend for the film was expected to reach $525 million from a total of 52,000 screens. In the USA alone, the film should flirt with 175 million dollars in revenue.

Tidal wave in progress

For comparison, Spider-Man No Way Home had started at $350 million worldwide to end its first weekend of operation at $600 million. At 192 minutes long, Avatar the Way of the Water will benefit from fewer screenings than Spider-Man No Way Home, but still: 500 million would be phenomenal.

In addition, Disney has reserved a majority of cinemas in the United States for the next five weeks, ensuring that no blockbuster comes to interfere with the smooth running of Avatar the waterway before at least the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on February 17. This is to say if the firm with the big ears believes in it! A tidal wave, we told you in our review yesterday of Avatar the way of the water.