Samsung back in virtual reality in 2023?

With the ambition of countering Apple, which should soon arrive on the market, Samsung could return as early as 2023 with a new virtual reality headset.

According to the latest indiscretions collected by the Korean media Naver, Samsung is preparing to return to the extended reality market, or XR, a term encompassing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (RM ).

Samsung, development of an extended reality headset and dedicated content

Information that echoes a similar rumor dating back to last April. Purpose of the maneuver: to counter Apple before the creator of the iPhone reaps all the market share when it releases its own helmet in 2023. Apparently, a dedicated team is working on this new helmet at Samsung, involving the brand's subsidiaries like Samsung Display and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Several prototypes are already being tested, and Chinese companies are also involved in development and manufacturing. Samsung also aims to create quality content in several areas such as entertainment, education, health and defense, an essential aspect for the success of such material.