iPhone 15, round back or square back?

The iPhones of the next school year could offer a different grip from previous models. Or not.

Traditionally, iPhones change their appearance noticeably every three years.

iPhone 15, battle of "leakers" on its appearance

So, after the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 with straight edges, leakers Mark Gurman and ShrimpApplePro predicted a few weeks ago that the iPhone 15 could return to a back with round edges, iPhone 5c style. But nothing is sure yet, if we are to believe the latest rumors from LeaksApplePro.

iPhone 15 with round back or square back, Apple hesitates…

According to its sources, Apple is not yet sure of the design that the iPhone 15 will have, and hesitates between the back with rounded or straight edges. Knowing that the design of the iPhone 14 would not have been finalized until March 2021, there are still a few months for Apple to make its decision.

Titanium-edged iPhone 15?

LeaksApplePro adds that a premium material like titanium could be used for the first time on the iPhone 15, presumably the Pro versions. Only the edges will be in titanium, the back will remain in glass.