Netflix takes on big PC games?

After video games on smartphones, Netflix could step up a gear by attacking PCs, and why not consoles?

Netflix is gradually moving into the world of video games, with already a small armada of development studios made up of six entities, including an internal studio. However, the streaming platform is currently limited to smartphone gaming, although this should not last.

Posted jobs for making a AAA PC game

Indeed, Netflix recently posted a dozen job openings for its own studio Netflix Games in Los Angeles, including a director for a “brand new AAA PC game”. The triple A refers to the big budgets of video games, therefore far from the "small" independent titles that Netflix has accustomed us to so far.

AAA PC game based on Unreal Engine

The offer specifies that this director will be responsible for creating “worlds/characters/narratives worthy of a Netflix movie or series”, and that he must have experience with Unreal Engine, the engine of very popular game, used on major PC and console titles.