European TV market, figures compiled by TCL

TCL, through the director of product development Europe, Marek Maciejewski, presented a few weeks ago its vision of the European TV market. Several very interesting facts should be noted.

The first concerns the volume of sales achieved for the year 2022 within the 30 countries of the European continent, estimated at 34,910,000 million units for a turnover of 18,970 million euros, i.e. nearly 19 billion.

Europe TV market, average price of LCD TV/Oled TV

Other interesting values revealed, the average price of a television appears at 543 €, with strong disparities depending on the country, 365 € in certain European countries to 543 € in Germany. Similarly, the average price between an LCD TV and an Oled TV is still abysmal, €547 for the first named against €1,306 for the second. A figure which largely explains the sudden slowdown observed in sales of Oled televisions in Europe in 2022 (and in the world) in a context of recession linked to the war in Ukraine, when they were expected to peak. since the birth of this market segment in 2013 (see our news Oled TV Market 2022, zoom in on the drop in sales).

We also learn that, according to observations made at the end of September, 10% of TVs sold display a price higher than 1,000 euros. At the end of the year, this proportion could reach 12% while these models represent 23% of volumes in Germany.

Europe TV market: sound bar and video game

Finally, TCL indicates that in Europe, in 15% of cases a television is accompanied by a soundbar (21% in Germany) and that the latter increasingly include Dolby Atmos technology (very often via a virtual treatment). Similarly, 28% of European televisions have a game console, which once again proves the importance of video games within audiovisual entertainment and the gaming strategy adopted by more and more brands/manufacturers for their televisions.