Idea for Christmas: Disney, Marvel and Star Wars board games

Puzzle Baby Yoda, Monopoly Spider-Man, Pictionary Star Wars and other Disney-style board game classics are waiting for you this Christmas.

The end of year celebrations are approaching and the quest for gift ideas has already begun. If you don't want to take any risks, go for this unstoppable combination: a classic board game with a strong Disney license.

The crossover game

For example, we find puzzles at Ravensburger in the colors of Encanto or Baby Yoda for the youngest. Or an infernal 1,000 piece Clementoni with that intricate Spider-Man artwork (pictured below) that should take you long hours to solve.

Spider-Man returns again for a Monopoly in the colors of the spider-man, which also comes in a Black Panther version. A bit of strategy at Cartamundi with the game 1,2,3 Go Marvel version, or the Avengers Multigame. Finally, special mention for this Pictionary Air Star Wars from Mattel, with an "air pen" halfway between R2-D2 and a lightsaber.