Apple TV 40% more expensive, Apple Music from 12% to 14%

After the increase in Amazon Prime Video last July, after the various increases in Netflix offers, and with the new offers to come with advertising in November and December respectively from Netflix and Disney+ (Disney+ should on this occasion increase to 10.99 € or 11.99 €), we expected it a little… The price of certain Apple services increases. And not just a little!

If the prices of Apple's storage offers do not change, this is the case for entertainment services, Apple TV+ and Apple Music in the lead.

40% increase for Apple TV+

As of yesterday, October 24, the annual subscription price has increased to €69, or €6.99 per month, a massive increase of 40%. The annual offer is displayed at 109 € (against 99 €).

+12% to +14% for Apple Music

Since yesterday, October 24, the price of the individual Apple Music subscription has increased to €10.99 (compared to €9.99), that of the family subscription has increased to €16.99 per month (compared to €14 €.99), i.e. a massive increase of 40%.

Finally, the Apple One offers (which include Apple Music, TV+, Fitness+, Arcade and iCloud+) have also seen their prices increased, +2 € for the individual subscription, +3 € for the family subscription , +3 € for the premium subscription.