Le Samouraï: the masterpiece of the Melville-Delon tandem restored in 4K during 2023

Great news for movie buffs! Le Samouraï, Jean-Pierre Melville's masterpiece and one of Alain Delon's greatest roles, has been restored in 4K and will be released in UHD during 2023.

Jef Costello (Alain Delon), a taciturn contract killer, is hired to assassinate the owner of a jazz club. The alibi that Costello has built with his mistress Jane Lagrange (Nathalie Delon) does not hold water in the eyes of a tenacious commissioner (François Périer), relentless in the loss of Costello.

Eternal, iconic

A formidable film noir released in 1967, Le Samouraï has long been considered one of Jean-Pierre Melville's greatest works (The Army of Shadows, The Second Wind) and one of the most striking interpretations of Alain Delon.

The film had benefited from a first 2K restoration released in 2011, technically highly criticized. But Le Samouraï has just benefited from a new restoration in 4K produced by Pathé Films and Janus Film, supervised by the multi-caesarized director and cinematographer Bruno Nuytten (Camille Claudel, Tchao Pantin).

The result of this restoration should first be released in theaters before a 4K UHD edition in 2023. The list of bonuses accompanying this cinephile event has not yet been revealed. But some connoisseurs like to cross their fingers for the period making of, still unpublished, being one of the nuggets planned...