Back to normal for Netflix after a worrying first half

The hemorrhage of subscribers in the first half of 2022 seems to be stemming at Netflix. In any case, this is what the more reassuring figures for the third quarter, which have started to rise again, seem to indicate.

After two quarters in which Netflix lost subscribers - a first for the streaming platform - the third quarter of 2022 marks the return to growth, with a gain of 2.4 million new members worldwide (50,000 additional subscribers in France according to the OTT NPA Conseil/Harris Interactive barometer, and 39.3% of subscribed French households).

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A figure beyond the expectations of the company, which expected only 1 million additional subscribers for this period. The total number of Netflix subscribers worldwide thus stands at 223.09 million (against 220.67 million in the second quarter). "After a challenging first half, we believe we are on the path to re-accelerating growth," the company's executives said in their latest letter to shareholders. For the fourth quarter, Netflix estimates to be able to gain 4.5 million additional subscribers. For comparison, that figure was 8.3 million the same time last year.