American teens more and more iPhone fans

As the years pass, the more young Americans swear by Apple's smartphone.

The Piper Sandler brokerage conducts a survey of American teenagers twice a year to find out more about their drinking habits. The latest has a sample of 14,500 young people with an average age of 15.8 years, spread over 46 states.

iPhone, unchallenged domination of the US Smartphone market

The conclusions are in line with the results of polls conducted in previous years (which we happened to report on several occasions), namely an ever-increasing popularity for Apple's smartphone. Thus, 87% of teens surveyed have an iPhone, the highest percentage in the history of these surveys. This constantly growing figure was only 40% in 2012, ie a double increase in the space of 10 years. Also, 88% of respondents say their next smartphone will be an iPhone, the same figure as in 2020.

The same survey reveals less popularity for connected watches with a possession rate reaching 36.8% among teenagers. However, Apple's model, the Apple Watch, once again wins the day, owned by 31% of teenagers.