Netflix, delusions of grandeur, really?

Netflix is widely criticized for favoring quantity over quality by always releasing more new programs, whose themes and outlines are often the result of algorithm predictions. What is it really ?

Well this past quarter, Netflix broke its own original episodes record with 1,026 unreleased episodes made available. That's five times more than any other competing streaming service.

Indeed, the quantity is there

For comparison, it's 223 episodes for Amazon, 194 for Hulu, 140 for Disney+ and 114 for HBO Max over the same period. Netflix offered 159 exclusive original programs in its third quarter of 2022 (in 2021 it was 143). In these episodes, second broadcast windows such as The Flash, Riverdale or Dynasty are not counted. In short, when you love you don't count, but you can always count on Netflix. Source: Variety