Cassie, 100 meter record for a bipedal robot

Not yet fast enough to catch humans in order to enslave them, the robots are still showing great progress in terms of running.

The first robot capable of running on two legs, Cassie was designed by engineers at Oregon State University and broke the Guinness 100-meter record in its category: 24.73 seconds.

Cassie, 100m speed record for a bipedal robot

We are still far from human records -10.49 seconds for a woman, 9.58 seconds for a man- but maybe in a few years the machines will be able to capture us without breaking a sweat. It should also be noted that if Cassie is the fastest bipedal robot on the planet, it is however outdistanced by other types of machines, in particular quadrupeds.

Acceleration and deceleration without falling and without assistance

But Cassie has other feats to her credit, including the ability to start and slow her run, unassisted and without end-to-end crashing. It may not sound like much, but the engineers consider these stages of the race to be very difficult for a robot to complete. It took intense sessions of simulation and machine learning for Cassie to pull off this feat.