LG Display announces 27'' and 32'' Oled panels as the TV market suffers…

According to the latest information from South Korea, LG Display will start producing mid-size Woled (White Oled) panels from the end of October. A response from the screen manufacturer adapted to strong fears of a significantly declining TV market in 2023.

Just announced by some analysts of the screen market that the new strategy of the manufacturer LG Display, is to redirect part of its production on White Oled 27 '' (69 cm) and 32 '' (82 cm) panels , is already implemented, or almost.

LG Display, new 27'' and 32'' Oled panels in production by the end of 2022

LG Display should indeed start production of 27” Oled panels within three weeks, i.e. from the end of October. The latter should be marketed by LG Electronics in the first quarter of 2023 in the form of a computer monitor. But LG Display also plans to launch production in December of a 32” White Oled panel, this one intended for the TV market. Another indication of LG Display's anticipation of a complicated 2023 TV market, the production of 42'' TVs should also be increased, at a more affordable selling price than that of larger diagonals.

LG Display, 27'' and 32'' Oled panels to anticipate Samsung's defection?

With a higher production weighting of the White Oled diagonal mediums (27'', 32'' and 42''), LG Display is no doubt also anticipating the potential non-finalization of the tipped (and already delayed) two-year contract. a year) with Samsung Electronics, involving around 2 million Woled TV panels (see our news Samsung will also bet on Oled TVs in 2023 and Oled TVs in 2022: LG and Samsung are teaming up!).

Still in view of a global recession expected in 2023, the TV market leader could indeed review its plans and invest in the Oled TV segment only with the group's exclusive technology, the QD Oled (see our file Samsung S95B Oled TV, the Quantum Dots revolution) whose production is ramping up.