Kivi a GoPro camera for doggies and kitties (concept)

A sadly imaginary concept to experience the incredible adventures of your four-legged friends by sticking a camera on their collar.

There was a project funded by Kickstarter three years ago - but which apparently did not succeed - or even a hybrid concept signed Vivo in 2020, but still nothing concrete about a camera to attach to your animal pet to almost visualize his adventures through his eyes.

Kivi concept by Eli Lan from Xiaojie Technology

It is therefore still a concept that we have to be satisfied with, the realization of which this time is signed by the Chinese industrial designer Eli Lan of the company Xiaojie Technology. Named Kivi, his - imaginary gadget, let's remember - is, to sum up, a GoPro camera to be fixed via a magnetic system on the dog's or cat's collar.

Kivi, potential specs

The creators of the concept only give a few technical details, but we think that such an object devoid of a screen should have a comfortable autonomy. We imagine it equipped with a robust stabilization system, especially when we know the feverish mobility of our pets. As for the videos, we can see them recorded on the onboard micro-SD card, or even streamed live via the 4G / 5G network. Source: Yanko Design