The success of Arte The black butterflies arrives on Netflix

Arte's latest serial thriller in 6 episodes with Nicolas Duvauchelle and Niels Arestrup is a hit. A passionate and murderously addictive odyssey, The Black Butterflies will arrive on Netflix on October 14.

Writer in search of himself, Adrien Winckler (Nicolas Duvauchelle) is hired by Albert (Niels Arestrup) to write his memoirs. The man begins to tell her his story of unconditional love for Solange, but the story becomes over the days that of a couple of serial killers who raged every summer across France in the 70s. Fiction? Unbearable reality? Both the young author and the viewer have only one thing in mind: to find out what happens next. Addictive.

Finally a black series in France

Olivier Abbou (Maroni) and Bruno Merle (Felicità) prove that a black story, constructed, refined and perfectly written, can today be a great success with series fans, who were more than 750,000 to follow the first three episodes on Arte (and more than 2 million views on

October 14th on Netflix

A mixture of eroticism, horror and suspense, the series, also formally exemplary with stunning photography, styling and decor, reserves its share of surprises and twists for an implacable high-tension mechanism. A mischievous puzzle to discover on Netflix from October 14 (co-producer of the series with Arte) if you haven't already.