Fitbit Sense 2, new connected health watch

Fitbit presents one of its latest smartwatches equipped with numerous health monitoring features, helping among other things to manage stress.

The Fitbit Sense 2 connected watch has multiple sensors capable of detecting signs of atrial fibrillation, as well as changes in heart rate or skin temperature. In particular, it is equipped with Fitbit's new Body Response sensor, the first continuous EDA (cEDA) sensor for stress management.

Fitbit Sense 2, EDA Electrodermal Activity Sensor

The EDA sensor, for “electrodermal activity”, takes several data into account, such as variations in heart rate or skin temperature, to better understand how the body responds to potential signs of stress. The watch thus helps you identify potential stress triggers to help you better manage it over time.

Fitbit Sense 2, daily health tracker

Also note the uninterrupted monitoring of heart rate, walking detection, and sleep monitoring. The autonomy exceeds six days, and the fast charge allows a day of use in just 12 minutes. Sleep tracking is also present, taking into account 10 factors to determine your type of sleeper and help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Finally, access to Google Maps and Google Wallet will be added soon via an update. Two features that make life easier, thus reducing stress. Available at an indicative price of 299.95 euros.