Foldable screen smartphones: strong growth in sight within 18 months

Still modest in size, the foldable screen smartphone market is expected to increase tenfold within two years.

According to analyst firm Counterpoint Research, worldwide distribution of foldable-screen smartphones is expected to reach 9 million units this year.

Fast and strong growth of the foldable smartphone market by 2023

A relatively low figure, yet three times greater than that of 2020. And growth should continue to climb to be multiplied by ten from 2023, ie in less than eighteen months. This year, Samsung will naturally be the leader in this segment with a market share of 88%. And while other big manufacturers will introduce their foldable models, Samsung is expected to continue to lead the industry with 75% of the market in 2023.

Apple essential for the general public adoption of the foldable smartphone

As for Apple, if the brand introduces its foldable iPhone by 2023 (see our foldable iPhone news, not before 2023), we should see an inflection point that will bring this type of smartphone out of its niche. Similarly, the arrival of the firm at the apple would be accompanied by a significant improvement in the output and the scale of production of components throughout the production chain. All resulting in a significantly wider distribution of these smartphones to consumers.