Amazon Prime Video supports HDR Dolby Vision with The Lord of the Rings and Jack Ryan

Watching the third episode of the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power allowed us to discover an important information: the Amazon Prime Video service now supports HDR Dolby Vision.

The Dolby Vision logo (see images below) has therefore appeared on Amazon Prime Video, in particular for the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Likewise, by quickly checking if it was present on other content offered by the platform, we did not identify anything more than the first season of the Jack Ryan series (already available in HDR DV for a while). But still not the second…

Amazon Prime: HDR Dolby Vision on The Lord of the Rings and Jack Ryan

Undoubtedly the availability of HDR Dolby Vision on Amazon Prime will become more and more relevant over time (Editor's note: if you are aware of other Amazon Prime content with the HDR Dolby Vision label, do not do not hesitate to communicate them to us). Precision, at the time of writing these lines, we were able to verify the management of HDR Dolby Vision directly from the Amazon Prime Smart TV application but also from an Apple TV and a Fire TV Cube. As for content, no doubt HDR Dolby Vision will appear in the coming days/weeks on all devices where the Amazon Prime application is offered…

HDR Dolby Vision: Samsung isolated

After having only supported HDR10/HDR10+ technologies since its inception (except for the first season of Jack Ryan, therefore), the Amazon Prime Video service is therefore coming out with the management of HDR Dolby Vision. Quite logically, the question that immediately arises is the following: what about Samsung whose televisions still do not support HDR Dolby Vision? If this absence seems to have no influence on the sales of the Korean manufacturer (see our Samsung news, still arch-world leader in the TV market in the first half of 2022), the arrival of HDR Dolby Vision at Amazon Prime seems to indicate a victory by knockout of Dolby.