Tortured with a cutter and a lighter, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 resists!

You might think that smartphones with foldable screens are fragile, but after four successive generations, Samsung fears (almost) nothing.

Sensitive souls refrain, the video below shows a brand new Galaxy Fold 4 undergoing the worst tortures, in the name of science.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4, cutter blows and flames on the screen…

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything specializes in testing the strength of electronic gadgets, to verify the claims of manufacturers about the robustness of their devices. We still also feel a touch of sadism in the process. Samsung's foldable screen smartphone takes cutter blows, unnatural bends and even flames on the screen. Conclusion: the device is not immortal, but still resists surprisingly well on certain points. Impossible for example to break it by trying to force the fold in the opposite direction, and it also seems impermeable to fine particles (in this case sand) while Samsung has not certified it resistant to dust.

However, the screens do not withstand sharp blows from a cutter, nor a flame from a lighter applied for too long. So if you ever get the chance to set your smartphone on fire, don't.