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Apple mixed reality headset in January 2023, it becomes clearer

Details are becoming clearer as to the trajectory of Apple's next gadget that could mark the world as the iPhone did in its day.

Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo specializing in Apple recently reiterated and clarified his predictions for the future mixed reality headset -augmented reality (AR) + virtual reality (VR)- from Apple.

Apple mixed reality headset driving a new tech goods market?

Kuo thus confirms that the device will be presented at an event scheduled for January 2023, and that it will be sold between $2,000 and $2,500. A high price which aims the helmet at a niche audience. Thus, the analyst estimates that the product will sell no more than 1.5 million units in 2023. But he predicts that the helmet will cause a domino effect, as had the iPhone at the time, to first define the mixed reality headset market and then propel it to greater commercial heights with mainstream adoption. Source: 9to5mac