The Office: cult Lego kit for cult series

Fans voted, and Lego pulled out all the stops to create this The Office-inspired set, packed with incredible detail.

Like the Sonic the Hedgehog set, this Lego The Office set is part of Lego's Idea collection, original concepts and sets inspired by films and other cultural works, and chosen by the brand's fans.

Lego The Office 1,164 piece set

Inspired by the cult series The Office (American version, of course), this 1,164-piece set reproduces the offices of Dunder Mifflin almost perfectly with a layout faithful to the original. It comes with 15 figurines representing the key characters of the series, with the sad exception of Erin and Andy.

World's Best Boss mug and other details present

Special mention for the attention to detail with many references to the series, such as Michael's World's Best Boss mug, Dwight's stapler trapped in jelly, and many more. Available October 1 at an indicative price of 119.99 euros.